Dainty Heart Necklace

September 5, 2017

Why do we or most people choose a heart necklace? The heart shape has an impact, especially on women. Regardless of whether these heart shaped jewelries are made of silver or gold, they relatively make the same impression. People buy them as gifts for the person that we love as it symbolizes an unbreakable connection.  Choose as 1000 dainty heart necklace at this link: https://www.opersonalized.com/heart-necklaces

Monogram Bar Necklace

June 18, 2017

GetPersonalizedJewelry launched new necklace collection: monogram bar necklace! Price is as low as $39.99, available in sterling silver, 18k gold plating and 18k rose gold! Click to buy monogram bar necklace

GetPersonalizedJewelry Monogram Earrings review

October 10, 2016

GetPersonalizedJewelry.com offers you a large selection of monogram earrings.monogrammed stud earrings